Htaccess Redirect Generator | Generate .htaccess file with redirection rules

What is Htaccess Redirect Generator Free Tool?

The htaccess redirects generator tool is used for implementing URLs changes, Web migrations. The generator promotes the implementation of the several common web redirects scenarios via htaccess by generating the necessary rewrite code to be pasted in your htaccess file if you're using an Apache Web Server. Whenever you perform such changes, don't forget to backup the data. Use our tool free Htaccess Redirect Generator to generate redirection rules for http to https, https to http, www to non-www or non-www to www. Also use this to change directory structures in URL.

Why is it important?

  1. This tool is imperative to practice htaccess as the website owner instructs search engine crawlers to drag content pages. 
  2. This tool comes up with default settings and follows the web home directory and its extension with .htaccess.

How to Use Htaccess Redirect Generator Free Tool?

Htaccess Redirect Generator Free Tool is very easy to use. Please follow the below steps to use our tool:

  1. All you need to do is type /enter your website for which you need to generate an htaccess file, then choose your preferred version.
  2. Afterward click on the "Get Htaccess Code" Button to attain your htaccess code. 
  3. Copy your htaccess codes and paste it into your site .htaccess file.

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