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What are the main Meta Tags available to use?

Meta tags are snippets of HTML code that provide information about a web page to search engines and website visitors. These tags are placed in the head section of an HTML document and are not visible on the page itself.

There are several types of meta tags, but the most commonly used are:

  1. Title tag: This is the most important meta tag as it provides the title of the web page. It is also displayed as the headline in search engine results pages.
  2. Description tag: This tag provides a brief summary of the content on the web page. It is also displayed in search engine results pages below the title tag.
  3. Keyword tag: This tag provides a list of keywords that are relevant to the content on the web page. However, this tag is not as important as it used to be and search engines have stopped giving it much weight.
  4. Robots tag: This tag provides instructions to search engine crawlers on how to index and display the content on the web page.

Meta tags help search engines understand what a web page is about and can influence how it is indexed and displayed in search engine results pages. They can also improve the click-through rate from search engine results pages as a well-written title and description tag can make a web page more appealing to potential visitors.

Meta tags are the HTML coding that provides metadata to your website. Meta tags are used to help you to give essential and appropriate details. One of the keys behind using meta tags is correct keywords as it ensures better SEO meta tag. We recommend you avoid overstuff the same keyword again and again.

It may often report bots that your website is spamming keywords and can penalize your site for that particular keyword. Our Meta Tag Generator tool is a simple tool to create meta tags for your website. 

Why is this tool important to use?

  1. Meta Tag generator tools are essential for SEO and search engine bots. It tells them about your website category, the niche you are focusing on, and the targeted keywords. 
  2.  It provides a transparent and responsive site to make Meta keyword tags. 
  3. This tool concisely defines your website in a few words.
  4. This tool provides you with prominent testimonials once you include Meta key phrases.

How to Use Meta Tag Generator Tool?

Free meta tag generator is one of the great helpful tools and is recognized by various webmasters. It helps users to generate Description Meta Tag, Keywords Meta Tag, Title Meta Tag, Robots, Cache, Author and Language related Meta Tags on the fly. A meta tag generator is a remarkable tool, and the best feature of this tool is that you need not know coding to create meta tags. Just enter the details in the form above, and the rest will be done by the meta tag generator tool. 

Kindly below follow the steps:

  1. Enter the websites’ crucial vital phrases and split them with a comma.
  2. Select the appropriate content that you want to show on your webpage.
  3. Select the option “Generate MetaTags.”
  4. Select the initial kind of terminology of the website.
  5. Click on Captcha to verify 
  6. Select “Generate Meta Tags.”

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