Get Source Code of Webpage | Get source code of webpage same as seen by the various web crawlers

What is Source Code of Webpage?

The source code of a webpage refers to the underlying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that make up the webpage. It is the code that web browsers use to display the content of a webpage, and it can be viewed by users by accessing the “View Page Source” option in their web browser.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used to create the structure and content of a webpage, while CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to style and format the content. JavaScript is a programming language that is used to add interactivity and dynamic features to a webpage.

The source code of a webpage can be modified and edited by developers to customize the appearance and functionality of the webpage. Web developers use a variety of tools and programming languages to create and edit source code, such as text editors, IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), and web development frameworks.


  • Source Code is the programmatic language written in the structural format to execute the certain commands and provide expected output.
  • Usually complete set of Source Code combines any of the below:
    • HTML Code
    • Java Scripts
    • Comment Tags
    • Content/Plain Text

    Why is it important to Check the Source Code of the Webpage? 

    Checking the source code of a webpage can be important for several reasons:

    1. Debugging: If a webpage is not working as expected or displaying errors, checking the source code can help identify any issues or errors in the code that may be causing the problem. This can be especially useful for web developers who are working on a website and need to troubleshoot any issues.
    2. Security: Viewing the source code can help identify any potential security vulnerabilities or flaws in the website’s code. This can help website owners and developers ensure that the website is secure and protect against cyber threats.
    3. Accessibility: Checking the source code can help ensure that a website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. By examining the HTML code, developers can identify any accessibility issues and make necessary changes to ensure that the website is accessible to everyone.
    4. Learning: Viewing the source code can be a useful learning tool for web developers and designers who want to improve their skills and learn new techniques. By examining the code of other websites, developers can gain insights into how different features and functions are implemented and learn best practices for web development.
    • It helps Webmasters to check the structure/format of the entire code of output.
    • It helps Developers to identify the missing tags and syntax to take the corrective action.
    • It helps Webmasters to understand missing parameters of On Page SEO.

    Overall, checking the source code of a webpage can help improve the functionality, security, accessibility, and design of a website, and can be a valuable tool for web developers and designers.

    How to use Get Source Code of Webpage tool?

    • Enter the URL (with or without WWW)
    • Click on Get Source Code button.
    • Result will provide you the complete source code of webpage.

    What is the Get Source Code of Webpage Free Tool?

    Get Source Code of Webpage Free tool is used for inspecting the source code of any website. Our tool can find out exactly how a particular website is spontaneous. This tool is handy if you are a web developer, as you can have an idea of how a website uses tools. When viewing a web page’s source code, you must keep in mind that data and code not concocted by the server won’t appear. 

    Why is this tool important?

    1. Our tool is an easy way to verify whether different features of your site’s SEO perfectly.
    2. Our tool checks your competitor’s source code and enables you to understand anything they are making on their websites.
    3. Our tool helps shift engineers what is on their source code to produce comparable effects on your website.

    How to Use Get Source Code of Webpage Free Tool?

    Use our free seo tool to get or view source code of a webpage. You will get the complete source code with HTML Tags, Content & Scripts; this is the same view that can be seen by Search Engines.You’ll just have to follow these simple steps:

    • Go to our website.
    • Enter the URL you want to check.
    • Once you’ve entered the URL of the website, click on Captcha to verify.
    • Once the verification is successfully complete, click on the “Get Source Code” button.

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