Broken Links Finder | Find broken links on website to enhance SEO

Broken links are annoying and display a lack of professionalism. They not only hinder visitors from staying on and returning to your site, but they can also negatively influence your search engine rankings. That’s where the requirement of a broken links finder tool arises.

What is the impact of Broken Links on SEO?

Broken links can have a negative impact on SEO because they create a poor user experience and can lead to a lower search engine ranking for your website. A broken link occurs when a hyperlink on your website points to a page that no longer exists or has been moved.

Here are some of the ways that broken links can affect your website’s SEO:

  1. Decreased crawlability: Search engines use bots to crawl and index your website’s pages. When a bot encounters a broken link, it may stop crawling your website and move on to the next website. This can result in some of your website’s pages not being indexed, which can hurt your search engine ranking.
  2. Decreased user experience: Broken links can frustrate users who are trying to navigate your website. If users encounter too many broken links, they may leave your website and look for information elsewhere. This can lead to a higher bounce rate and a lower time spent on your website, both of which can negatively impact your search engine ranking.
  3. Decreased authority: When other websites link to your website, it can help to improve your website’s authority and search engine ranking. However, if these links are broken, it can damage your website’s authority and make it less likely that other websites will link to your content.

To avoid these negative impacts on SEO, it’s important to regularly check your website for broken links and fix them as soon as possible. You can use tools such as Google Search Console or Broken Link Checker to identify broken links on your website. Once you’ve identified the broken links, you should either update them with the correct URL or remove them altogether. This will help to improve your website’s user experience, crawlability, and authority, which can ultimately lead to a higher search engine ranking.

What is the Broken Links Finder Tool?

Broken links finder tool can be used to identify the broken links from any website, page, or domain to fix the SEO issues. This tool gives you the broken link details instantly. 

A broken link is also known as a dead link. If you cannot afford to take care of the visitor’s needs, they will most likely move on to the next website and no longer return to your website because of the bad experience with broken links. Our tool is 100% free and is very easy to use for checking broken links on your website.

A broken link find tool is a software program or online service that scans a website and identifies any broken links. Broken links are hyperlinks that point to a page or resource that no longer exists or has been moved. Broken links can negatively impact user experience, SEO, and can result in lost traffic and revenue.

A broken link find tool crawls a website and tests each hyperlink to determine if the link is working correctly or not. If a broken link is found, the tool will report the broken link along with the URL of the page where the broken link was found. Some broken link find tools may also provide additional information, such as the type of error that was encountered (e.g., 404 error), the number of broken links found, and the date of the last crawl.

Using a broken link find tool is important because it can help you to identify and fix broken links on your website, which can improve user experience, SEO, and search engine ranking. By fixing broken links, you can ensure that users are able to access the content they are looking for and reduce the likelihood of them leaving your website. Additionally, fixing broken links can help to improve your website’s crawlability and authority, which can lead to higher search engine rankings and more traffic.

Some popular broken link find tools include Xenu’s Link Sleuth, Ahrefs Site Explorer, Google Search Console, and Broken Link Checker.

Why to use this tool?

  1. Our tools equip you with the most beneficial means to check broken links on your website.
  2. This tool is handy in recognizing link queries. 
  3. This tool is incredibly user-friendly; it lets you check all broken links on your website to improve them.
  4. With this tool, you can easily find all the dead links on your site.

How to Use a Broken Links Finder Free Tool?

Use this 100% free Broken Links Finder Tool to identify the broken links from any website, page or domain to fix the SEO issues. This tool gives you the broken link details instantly.

  1. To examine your website’s broken links, all you need to do is insert the URL in the text box. 
  2. Click on  Captcha to verify *
  3. And then click on the “Check” button. 

Our system employs a unique algorithm that processes your command, and it will display the results immediately. This broken-link checker is smooth to use, there are no extraordinary skills needed, and anyone can use it. 

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