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What is URL Rewriting?

URL Rewriting is the method to change the URL appearance to redirect it within the Web Application (Website).

URL rewriting is a technique used in web development to change the URL of a web page in a user-friendly manner. It involves modifying the URL structure of a web page so that it is more understandable and memorable to users.

URL rewriting is commonly used for search engine optimization (SEO), as well as to create user-friendly URLs that are easy to remember and share. It can also be used to hide the actual file or directory structure of a website from users, or to redirect users to a different web page.

There are different ways to implement URL rewriting, such as using server-side scripting languages like PHP, ASP.NET or Java, or using web server modules like Apache’s mod_rewrite. The basic idea is to intercept incoming requests for a specific URL and map them to a different URL, based on a set of rules and conditions defined by the developer.

URL Rewriting Free tool helps make a long dynamic URL into a static URL, i.e., it works as a URL shortened. This tool is used for generating the static URLs from the active URLs as the static URL is more favored than the Dynamic URL. This free online URL Rewriting Tool is a super-efficient tool that immediately creates static URLs with just a single click.

Our URL rewriting tool will instantly generate the result and provide you with a shorter and static URL.SEO experts commonly use them. The Dynamic URL is long strips and compelled to evolve, whereas the static URL is smaller than the Dynamic and also doesn’t change with time. However, the static URL improves the website’s overall quantity.

Why URL Rewriting is important?

  • URL Rewriting helps to redirect the URL within the Web Application (Website).
  • URL Rewriting helps to improve the appearance of URL to make it clean (Dynamic URL to Static URL).
  • Static URLs give the more advantage to improve SEO.

URL rewriting is important for several reasons:

  1. Improved usability: User-friendly URLs that are easy to remember and share can improve the usability of a website. Users are more likely to revisit a website if they can easily remember and type in the URL.
  2. Search engine optimization: Search engines consider the URL of a web page as one of the ranking factors for search results. By using SEO-friendly URLs, web developers can improve the visibility of a website in search results.
  3. Hiding technical details: URL rewriting can be used to hide technical details of a website, such as the underlying file structure, from users. This can make the website more secure by preventing users from accessing sensitive files or directories.
  4. Redirection: URL rewriting can be used to redirect users to a different page or website. This can be useful for updating outdated links or directing users to a new website after a domain change.

Overall, URL rewriting can improve the user experience, make a website more secure, and improve its visibility in search results.

The URL Rewrite tool is furnished with an excellent URL Rewrite Software based on a robust algorithm. Due to this, our URL Rewrite Tool is proficient in turning every single one of your Dynamic URLs into Static URLs within seconds.

  1. This free online URL Rewriting Tool is a useful tool that quickly generates static URLs within seconds. 
  2. This tool is used to check and rewrite the website’s URLs.
  3. This URL rewriting tool is straightforward to use and can provide you with quick results. You aren’t required to download additional software on your device.
  4. Using our tool, you aren’t required to pay any amount to use this URL rewrite generator because this tool is entirely free of charge.

How to use  URL Rewriting Tool?

  • Enter the Dynamic URL you want to change to Static URL
  • Click on Submit
  • You will get Rewritten URL in below two formats:
    • Single Page URL  (index.php?page=1  ==>  index-page-1.html )
    • Directory Type URL  (index.php?page=1  ==>  /page/1/ )
  • Create a .htaccess file and copy the code from Result. 

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