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What is Google Cache?

Google Cache is a feature of the Google search engine that stores a copy of web pages and other online content that Google has crawled and indexed. When a user searches for a web page or website, Google Cache can be used to display a cached version of the page.

The Google Cache feature is intended to improve the user experience by providing a way to access pages that may be temporarily unavailable or have been updated since they were last crawled by Google. It also allows users to view a page without having to visit the original website.

To access the Google Cache version of a web page, users can click on the green arrow next to the URL in the search results and select “Cached” from the drop-down menu. The cached version will then be displayed in the browser.

Google Cache is also used by web developers and SEO professionals to check the date and time a page was last crawled by Google, and to compare previous versions of a page with the current version to identify changes that may have impacted search rankings.

  • Google has a crawler which gathers information from your website (if you have permitted to do so) and builds index of the information.
  • Google saves snapshots of raw HTML or copy of your website page temporarily after crawling it.
  • Google Cache usually gets flushed to save new copy of the page anytime after you make the changes on the particular page.
  • Google Cache helps you to understand when it crawled your page and the HTML available on your page then time. (though there are other best options from Google to check Last Crawl of the page).
  • Google can serve these cached pages while your server is down (It happens in some scenarios, not always)
  • Google Cache can be used for changes comparison from the last change in the HTML to the existing HTML page.

Why Google Cache Checker is important?

Google Page Cache Checker is a tool to check the Google page cache of your web pages instantly. You can check the Google page at any time. Our tool is highly modern Google Cache Checker, an excellent tool to help you in figuring out if any of your pages is serving cached web pages.

This is a smart and simple way to verify if your website’s pages are added to Google’s search index. Our tool is beneficial for SEO professionals. You don’t need to download, and you can use it anywhere as long as you have the internet.

Google Cache Checker is important for several reasons:

  1. Website Verification: By using Google Cache Checker, website owners can verify that Google has indexed their website pages and that the pages are appearing as intended.
  2. Page Analysis: Google Cache Checker can be used by web developers and SEO professionals to analyze the contents of a cached version of a web page. This can help them to identify potential issues with the page’s content, such as outdated or incorrect information.
  3. Page Comparison: Comparing the cached version of a page with the current version can help website owners to identify any changes that have been made to the page since it was last indexed by Google. This can be useful in identifying potential issues that may be impacting search rankings.
  4. Retrieval of Lost Content: In some cases, websites may experience issues that cause content to be lost or deleted. In such cases, the Google Cache Checker can be used to retrieve a cached version of the content and restore it to the website.

Overall, Google Cache Checker is an important tool for website owners, web developers, and SEO professionals. It can help to verify website indexing, analyze web page contents, compare page versions, and retrieve lost content.

Some more thoughts:

  1. If you have a website, then the Google web cache checker tool can be of great help because the cache analyzer will give you information regarding the website data and link that Google cached. 
  2. This tool is crucial because it can help you a lot in search engine optimization. 
  3. SEO experts use this tool to deliver reports that include a comprehensive review of a particular website. 
  4. This tool saves a lot of time and effort because it is straightforward and gets the results spontaneously. 
  5. This tool can help you quickly determine any issues or problems that your web pages may have.

 How to use Google Cache Checker Tool?

Use our Google Cache Checker tool to detect the total web pages cached by Google from your website. This tool will help you to understand the number of snapshots stored by Google cache after crawling the pages from your website.To use this tool, all you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to our website.
  2. Enter the links and you can enter up to 20 Links. However, each Links must be on separate lines.
  3. Once you have entered all the details, click on Captcha to verify *
  4.  Once  the verification is successfully completed, click on the “Submit” button. Hence, you will get the desired results within a few seconds.


  • Enter up to 20 Links (Each Links must be on separate line) with or without WWW.
  • Click on Submit
  • Result will show you the Status of Google Cache and the Last Updated Date/Time.

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