Link Analyzer | Analyze links on your website for free to check the passing of link-juice

What is Link Analyzer Free Tool?

Link Analyzer Tool is a systematic online based tool which allows users to analyze overall link profile. This tool helps you compare with your competitors and detect web pages' sources, generating links.

We also offer free service for this tool. This tool regulates the ratio between incoming and outgoing links of a domain. This tool's best features are that it's promptly available and a remarkably helpful resource for procuring commending search engine rankings through SEO.

Why is it important?

  1. This useful tool can identify the hyperlinks simultaneously that are given on the web page of respective websites. 
  2. This link analyzer is a useful resource that lets you always keep stick to links embedded on your website or blog. This instrument allows you to evaluate internal hyperlinks and external backlinks connected to your site.
  3. Using this tool, you can quickly determine the dead backlinks and remove them to improve the site's quality. 
  4. This tool significantly supports search engine optimization and proffers you a safer chance of having a prominent page ranking for your web pages.

How to use this tool?

Use this free link analyzer tool to analyze any page of your domain/website to understand how many Total Links, Internal Links, External Links, NoFollow Links on that page; so that you can take appropriate actions to fix/improve on-page SEO. This link Analyzer tool works smoothly. 

Please follow the below steps to get the desired results:

  1. Enter the URL in the web site that you would like to assess.
  2. Click on Captcha to verify 
  3. Once that’s successfully done, click on the submit to get the desired results.

 You can further choose whether you would like to glance at the external hyperlinks, interior backlinks, or equivalently.  This link Analyzer device will deliver the results promptly. It will exhibit a summary that highlights all inbound and outgoing links and the linked text. 

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