Website Links Count Checker | Check total link count on webpage to uderstand the impact on SEO

Suppose you want to check the total number of external and internal links on a particular webpage. In that case Website Links Count Checker can solve your problem.

What is Website Links Count Checker?

Website Links Count Checker is an advanced tool commonly used to check the total number of outgoing and incoming links on a specific web page. It's an online web based tool

We also offer free service of this device so that website owners can conveniently examine their backlinks and maintain a website's quality.

Why is it important?

  1. The tool saves a decent amount of money by creating links from less than a credible service provider.
  2. This tool can remove all those pages from your website, which could ruin your reputation.
  3. This tool can also check Google Page Ranking and whether it’s fake or authentic. 
  4. The ranking of websites depends on the quality and number of backlinks. This tool helps in maintaining it.

How to use the Website Links, Count Checker Tool?

It is a simplest yet innovative method that can be employed just by entering the URL in the textbox and hitting the enter button. We have a unique algorithm that processes your request and creates results within few seconds. And you will get the following products.

Website Links Count Checker Interface

  • Total links
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Nofollow link
  • Dofollow links

Total links are the total number of internal and external links that a site’s database has. 

Internal links are link pages that can be found on a website. 

External links are links to either other websites or partner websites.

Website Links Count Checker Result

Nofollow links are generally shown in red because they indicate a threat.

Dofollow links permit Google and other search engines to use them as a medium to reach your website. These links are helpful in getting a top page ranking on search engines.

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