Find DNS records | Find Domain Name Server and NS records for the given Domain Name or IP

What is Find DNS records Free Tool?

DNS (Domain Name System) records are a set of instructions that specify how a domain name should be resolved into an IP (Internet Protocol) address. DNS is like the phonebook of the internet, translating domain names into IP addresses, which are used to identify and locate websites and other resources on the internet.

DNS records are stored on DNS servers and are used by web browsers and other applications to access websites and other internet resources. There are several types of DNS records, including:

  1. A Record: Specifies the IP address associated with a domain name.
  2. MX Record: Specifies the mail server responsible for handling email for a domain.
  3. CNAME Record: Specifies an alias or nickname for a domain name.
  4. TXT Record: Stores arbitrary text data associated with a domain name, often used for verification purposes.
  5. NS Record: Specifies the authoritative name servers for a domain.
  6. AAAA Record: Specifies the IPv6 address associated with a domain name.

DNS records are essential for the proper functioning of the internet and are used by millions of devices every day to locate websites and other resources. Understanding DNS records and how they work is important for website owners, web developers, and network administrators who want to ensure that their websites and other internet resources are accessible to users.

DNS operation tool from UltraDNS presents a report on DNS records for a specified domain or hostname. DNS operation tool gets all DNS Records of a website and shows as received. If you modified your hosting or DNS records, this tool would verify that your documents are entered properly to avoid period of time.

DNS holds the name System, the biggest digital information for the world’s web. you’ll use the DNS Records tool to diagnose issues with a website name’s server(s). If your operation of a website name doesn’t work, you’ll use the tool to assist realize the basis cause.

Querying any DNS server that accepts your request can come back the NS records. These can contain data concerning the domain’s authoritative servers. you’ll then repeat the question victimization the authoritative server to ascertain if your results are consistent.

Why is this tool important?

  1. Find DNS records Free Tool is used to inspect different types of DNS records. If the DNS records are set inaccurately, it can create various web developers and website owners. 
  2. Find DNS records Free Tool can be used to investigate several DNS records on temporary DNS servers. 
  3. Find DNS records Free Tool is convenient if you are not a website administrator, as you can analyze why you are incapable of visiting a particular website. 

How to Use Find DNS records Free Tool?

Use this free DNS Records Finder tool to find out various records of any domain such as A, NS, MX, SOA, AAAA and TXT records along with IP Address, Duration and Class information. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to our website
  • Enter the URL you want to check.
  • Once you’ve entered the URL of the website, Click on Captcha to verify.
  • Once the verification is successfully complete, click on the “Submit” button.

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