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What is WWW Redirect?

WWW Redirect has two types:

  • WWW to non-WWW Redirection
  • non-WWW to WWW Redirection
  • e.g. www.seotoolsco.com ==> seotoolsco.com OR seotoolsco.com ==> www.seotoolsco.com

Why is it important to check WWW Redirection?

  • WWW Redirection helps to keep the unique domain for Search Engines (either with WWW or without WWW)
  • WWW Redirection helps to keep the canonical URLs for each page including you Homepage.
  • WWW Redirection avoids duplication of same page entires in Search Results 

How to use WWW Redirect Status Checker tool?

  • Enter the URL or Domain (with or without WWW)
  • Click on Submit
  • Result shows the Status of WWW Redirect


What is WWW/URL Redirect Checker Free Tool?

The send Checker may be a tool to envision the send path of each link. this is often a wonderful computer address send hunter that presents you with knowledge regarding the domains wherever each 301 send codes and 302 send codes lead. computer address send checker may be a tool to verify the standing of links. computer address send checker may be a excellent tool to envision the standing of net links. If any websites are redirected, this free tool will assist you analyze the trail with pre-defined standing codes. With simply one or two of clicks, anyone will perform advanced analysis of links. Our 301 send Checker is capable of trailing the send standing of each computer address redirected on-line. Therefore, you'll monitor what percentage URLs of your websites are resulting in completely different URLs. this is often a free tool which will assist you examine the trail with pre-defined standing codes.

Why is it Important?

  1. The Redirect Checker is a tool to check the redirect path of every link.
  2. This tool is used to redirect URLs that may contain malicious codes (malware, ransomware, etc.)

How to Use WWW/URL Redirect Checker Free Tool?

This is an excellent URL redirect tracker that presents you with data about the domains where both 301 redirect codes and 302 redirect codes lead. URL redirect checker is a tool to verify the status of links. Use our WWW Redirect Status Checker tool to check the status of your domain redirection from WWW to non-WWW or from non-WWW to WWW. This will help you to retain your website’s canonical links unique.

All you need to do is follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to our website.
  • Enter a URL.
  • Once you’ve entered the URL, click on the Captcha to verify.
  • Once the verification is successfully complete and click on submit.